Watch out for the Sewer that cuts across the property

We recently acted for a Client who was interested in purchasing a property that had a sewer that ran straight across the block of land and under the house (see diagram). It is important that you check the sewer diagram contained in the contract to make sure that you are aware of any sewer or proposed sewer that may affect the property.

A sewer that cuts in the middle of a property can have potential problems if you decide to rebuild in the future or if you wish to put in a swimming pool on the property.

The contract should also contain a letter from the relevant sewer/water authority that indicates that the Authority is aware that there is a property built over the sewer and that it complies with the Authority’s guidelines and legislation.

Prior to exchanging contracts it is also suggested that you arrange for a plumber to have a look at the sewer diagram as well as an onsite visit to guide you regarding future development and problems with encasement of the sewer if the house is rebuilt or any further strengthening that may be required.

If you intend putting in a pool in the yard, also worth arranging for a pool company to have a look at the site and the diagram to advise whether a pool is possible.

These are general comments and you should discuss any purchase with your lawyer before you sign the contract.

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