Sydney Waterfront real estate – the best in the world

Sydney Waterfront commands the highest premium in the world, according to a 2019 Global Waterfront Report by Knight Frank.

The Report measured the premium a waterfront property generates in key cities around the world.

According to the Report:

“Waterfront properties are also amongst the most liquid. Even in a depressed market, due to their position and scarcity, a front-line waterfront property will face strong demand with prospective buyers aware that their future exit strategy is also secure.”

The Report went onto highlight the reasons that a waterfront property will attract a premium including:

“The lifestyle and additional amenities that a waterfront home offers is a key motivation for many buyers. From private moorings to jetties and quays, waterfront properties offer easy access to numerous water sports along with an ever-changing panorama”

Sydney Waterfront properties commanded an 89% premium, the highest premium in the world.  The 2019 Report went onto say – “At 89%, Sydney sits in first place generating the highest premium for waterfront properties. Here, homeowners vie for the best views of the Harbour Bridge or Opera House”

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For a copy of the 2019 Knight Frank Report referred to above – click here

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