Real Estate Negotiation

To be in the best position to negotiate a purchase, you need to really understand what you are negotiating about. What type of property? What is it worth? Which terms can be negotiated? Where is there flexibility? Who are we dealing with on the other side? Why are they selling? – Negotiation is all about understanding the circumstances and extracting the information that is vital to a successful win/win negotiation.

As a negotiator – you need to understand what the other side needs. Once you can establish what the other side requires – you can then look at a strategy which best suits the needs and wants of both parties.

To be successful at negotiation, you need to be well read and have the tools required to conduct thorough research to fully understand the property being negotiated.

As a specialist real estate Law Firm – we have the tools and expertise at our disposal to be able to provide our client with the highest probability of success.

Negotiation is not just about price – it also involves other aspects of the purchase such as: settlement terms, finance clauses, land tax and GST implications, inclusions, deposit requirements, development clauses and approvals, just to name a few.

Our fixed fee model is a fraction of what we could possibly save you on the transaction. Whilst  there is no guarantee of a discount – we can provide advice to make sure you don’t overpay.

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