How to find the perfect waterfront property in Sydney

In today’s Sydney market, it is not easy to find that perfect waterfront property that ticks all the boxes for the ideal lifestyle. There is something special about living on a waterfront property. The lifestyle that a waterfront home offers includes such recreational activities as fishing, kayaking, boating, swimming and crabbing, just to mention a few.

There have been endless families that have made many memories on their own waterfront property. There is no better place to live than on a waterfront property located in a capital city such as Sydney.

However, finding a Sydney waterfront property is not easy and also not cheap. Waterfront real estate is some of the most coveted and tightly held real estate around the world.

The biggest problem that our clients have come to us with is – most of the waterfront homes are often sold “off market” or as a silent listing. Vendors of luxury waterfront homes often prefer to have their identity protected and confidentiality assured. It is for this reason, that many waterfront homes are not advertised, and rarely make it to the public market. In these circumstances, it pays to engage a Buyers Agent that specialises in waterfront homes.

If you prefer to save the costs of a buyers agent, then you need to spend the time to liaise and communicate with many local real estate agents on a regular basis to make sure you are top of mind when they are listing and selling a waterfront home. You need to ensure that they consider you a serious buyer with sufficient funds to entertain such a purchase.

Here are a couple of tips and ideas to help you find the prefect waterfront home in Sydney:

  1. Location – Make sure that you have identified the perfect location which you can see yourself and your family living.
  2. Budget – Make sure that the chosen location is within your budget and what you can afford to pay. If you need a loan, apply for a loan pre-approval.
  3. Waterfront facilities – Make sure that you have identified which waterfront facilities you will require, including such things as a Jetty, Pontoon, Concrete Ramps, boatshed etc.
  4. Affectations – Make sure that you are aware of what issues may affect the property including such things as flood, tidal issues, tidal flow, depths at low tide, noise, insurance costs, pollution just to name a few.
  5. Boating – Does the jetty and pontoon have sufficient water depth at low tide to moor a boat without it hitting the bottom. Does the waterway have bridge free access to other parts of the river or ocean?
  6. Insurance – Have you spoken with an insurance company or broker to make sure that you will be able to get flood cover in the event of flooding?
  7. Engage with local selling Agents – Once you have identified a great location, engage with all the prominent local agents on a regular basis to let them know what you are looking for, your budget, and when you are ready to buy. Let them know your criteria.
  8. Browse and search all real estate portals, papers, magazines – make sure that you regularly are searching for and reading all advertising media for properties for sale.
  9. Letterbox drops – Send out a simple letter to homeowners living on the waterfront where you want to live.
  10. Comparable Sales – Research previous sales in the area to see what similar properties are selling for.
  11. Inspect – Go and look at as many properties as you can to compare facilities. This may be difficult as many Vendors prefer secrecy and confidentiality and are often sold “off market”.

Whilst the above is a simple and brief summary of some of the ideas to consider when buying a waterfront home, many buyers will find it difficult to find and secure that dream property, given the complexity, confidentiality and privacy that vendors demand when they sell their prized possession.

At Carver Lawyers, we have a dedicated Buyers Agency Team specialising in waterfront properties in the Sydney NSW precinct. The benefits we bring are that we have been able to identify and access many waterfront locations and can advise and direct our clients to a waterfront property that is within their budget and ticks as many boxes as possible.

From our experience, many “high end” luxury homes are often negotiated by Solicitors and behind closed doors. This guarantees the respective parties, the privacy and confidentiality that only Solicitors and Lawyers can provide.

If you would like us to help you find that dream waterfront home, then give the Waterfront Buyers Agency Team at Carver Lawyers a call on 02 8916 6104.

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