Real Estate Consulting

We provide Consulting Services for clients that are looking for specific advice and direction regarding a real estate matter. We are often instructed by our clients to provide a detailed strategy to approach the acquisition or disposition of a particular property. We work closely with the client and their team of professionals to collaborate and provide a solution to the problem that is being encountered.

We provide advice on matters including:

  • General Real Estate advice on the market
  • Where to buy and what type of property to buy
  • What you need to look for when buying real estate
  • What are the risks of the purchase
  • What are the costs of buying and/or selling?
  • Is it a good purchase or not?
  • Where is the upside?
  • Can it be developed? Is there sub-division possibility?
  • How to structure the purchase
  • Are you paying too much?

We generally work on a “fixed fee” basis. We tailor our fees and services to suit our clients needs.

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