Carver Lawyers grows its Real Estate Buyers Agency Division

Carver Lawyers have continued its expansion into the Real Estate Buyers Agency Sector. As a law firm with specialist real estate knowledge and experience we have strengthened our real estate services by dedicating a specialist division of the business to a Buyers Agency offering.

After practising conveyancing for nearly 20 years, we found that real estate buyers were being offered “rubbish” real estate and were in fact keen to purchase such “D and E Grade” type real estate. We found that buyers were purchasing property that will drop as soon as the market shakes a little. This is in fact happening right now.

We have now grown our Buyers Agency Division to offer clients an opportunity to obtain proper and independent advice on what they are buying. Our Buyers Agency Division can help clients:

  • Find an investment property
  • Find a home
  • Find a commercial property
  • Provide independent advice on a particular property
  • Negotiation and Due diligence on buying property
  • Risk Assessment

Our Buyers Agency Division can help you negotiate the best possible price for the property and discuss what are the potential risks of buying the property. The aim of the Company is to provide an unbiased and independent view on the purchase of real estate.

The Real Estate Sales Agent acts in the best interests of the Vendor – that’s why the Buyer needs a professional to act on its side of the equation.

We take 20 years of legal knowledge as a law firm and combine that with our practical skills as a licensed Buyers Agency to establish a truly unique real estate firm that can help buyers find and negotiate property.

The Company has specialist knowledge, support and research that gives us the ability to find and negotiate real estate as well as ensure that all facets of the purchase are covered. Our legal experience gives us the ability to assess a situation and a Contract and look at the best possible avenue to negotiate the purchase. On many occasions, its the special conditions in the Contract that makes the purchase a favorable deal for the buyer. Not always the purchase price.

If you are looking to purchase property and need professional and independent advice, please do not hesitate to contact our Buyers Agency Division at Carver Lawyers on 02 8916 6104 or Dean Carver directly on 0414 322 990. Alternatively, send us an email inquiry. Click Here to Contact us.

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