Real Estate Acquisitions

Carver Lawyers specialise in the acquisition of commercial real estate. We work closely with our client to explore and identify investment opportunities in the market. Once a suitable property is identified, we conduct thorough research and due diligence to work out whether the property is worth pursuing further. If the property has merits, we collaborate with our team of professional partners to commence negotiations with a view to acquisition.

We look for investment opportunities in commercial markets including:

  • Apartment buildings and whole Unit blocks
  • Multi-Family Investments
  • Build to Rent Opportunities
  • Manufactured Housing Estates and Caravan Parks
  • Industrial Logistics and Warehouses
  • Residential Land Sub-Divisions
  • Town house Development Opportunities
  • Boarding Houses
  • Student Accommodation.
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Individual Houses, Townhouses, Units and Villas

We also have access to “off market” and “pre-market” opportunities.

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